Food for Tight Skin


Shun aside the worry over loose and sagged skin and eat your way to a stunningly appealing tight skin the natural way. When you can have fresh and tight skin the economic way then why go out and spend heftily on cosmetic products that can cost you and also have side effects on account of their chemical makeup. Certain factors like improper diet, aging and medical conditions can lead to the loosening of the skin and that is a great threat to a youthful look but you can always adhere to skin firming methods to restore your natural grace.

Foods that are rich in elastin and collagen or facilitate their production in the body should be made use of  as both these compounds tend to promote  skin firming which gives a gracefully appealing tight skin. Below are some of the edibles which can help you attain that naturally

Tomato for Tight Skin

Red vegetables and fruits

Both the red fruits and veggies help in boosting the collagen production within the body and are ideal for facilitating tight skin through skin firming of skin muscles.. These are also sources of anti-oxidants, which can simply help in removing all the toxins from the body. Try to update your diet with items like red pepper, red beet, tomatoes, red turnips and carrots. You can either have them raw or simply cook a mixed veggie dish for yourself – you will get to experience the difference on your skin.


You must be thinking how can chocolate do something good for you and that It only helps in gaining weight, right?  It works really well for skin tightening. Go for plain, raw chocolate that is available in the market. Add them to your shakes or have some other drink made from it – it would certainly help you. Studies have proven the fact that chocolate milk boosts the circulation of blood and facilitates better skin development that result in tight skin.. However, do not go for dark chocolate at all.

Chocolate for Tight Skin

Omega Acids

The ideal sources of omega acid and tight skin can be: Fish – it may include salmon and Tuna. You can even have other seafood that you like. Make sure you consume it twice a week, at least. How can you ignore nuts when it’s about brining good changes to the skin? Eat pecans, cashews and almonds. They have wonderful results when it comes to skin firming and skin tightening.

Soy Products

Do you know cheese and soya milk contain one element in common? It is genistein. This helps in increasing the collagen production within the body; this further plays role in blocking down the production of the enzymes and radicals that contribute to the loosening of skin. You can have any type of product that belongs to the soya family.

Lettuce for  Tight Skin

Lush green vegetables

All the lush, dark green vegetables are expert in increasing the collagen production in the body and the rich source of naturally tight skin. What vegetables can help you in maintaining or retaining the tightening of skin? You can add Spinach, Kale, Cabbage and Lettuce to your diet as they have a powerful anti-oxidant known as lutein which combats effects of free radicals that promote skin loosening. Not only this, but you can get the required amount of minerals and vitamins too which offer enduring skin firming results. Make the habit of having fresh salads or add them to soups.


Make sure you increase your intake of proteins – it would help you in getting firmness and glow. You can have meat in any form you want, only keep one thing in mind that you take it in a healthy way.


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