Health Benefits of Vegetables


Actual beauty of the human body cannot be complete without nature’s  health benefits and endorsements replete with rich healthy foods and nutrients that are imperative for the better functioning and development of the human body- be it beauty wise or health. In this modern era people are always on the rush due to professional routines and have adopted the habit of fast foods which have greatly contributed towards a comparatively lesser use of vegetables.

Even children are not very fond of vegetables and prefer dairy and fried takeaways. However; in the hustle and bustle let’s not forget that it is nature which tends to offer the core sustenance to us  with the limitless Health benefits of vegetables. Some of the health benefits which should make you want to increase that intake of certain vegetables have been pinned down below.


  • Carrots offer innumerable health benefits which is why they are greatly recommended by doctors to people who are weak. They curb wrinkling, assist in skin rejuvenation, treat freckles and pigmentation, enhance night vision, purifies blood , offers internal immunity, enhances facial glow and complexion, facilitate better teeth and gums and so are some of the best healthy food items to take on daily basis.

  • cucumber  helps in constipation,  relieves skin irritation and sun burns , fights cancer, good for skin and hair care, ideal diet for weight loss, cures diabetes, lowers cholesterol etc. This is one of nature’s healthy food product which is acknowledged for an indefinite number of beauty and health benefits; which is why this vegetable is the core ingredient of numerous beauty and skin products.

  • Egg plant  are very potent healthy food items from the group of vegetables that offers manifold health benefits on account of its rich source of iron which is the core mineral that stimulates good blood formation and circulation and helps curb medical conditions like anemia, hair fall, blood clotting etc.

  •  tomatoes  as healthy food products are good for facial hair lightening, skin tightening and offers protection against cancer, DNA damage, inflammation, thrombosis and prevent heart diseases.

  •  Cauliflower  is a vegetable that offers a rich supply of vitamin C and antioxidants and carotenoids which offer protection from the risks and problems of stress, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Its anti-inflammatory properties are good for skin irritations and healing.

  • Yams are some of the richest vegetables having many antioxidants and compounds which tend to prevent cellular damage,  reduces cholesterol level, abate risks of heart attack, help reduce pre-menstrual symptoms, promote better digestion and reduce risks of hemorrhoids, promote better eye sight; especially at  night,

  • Onions are some of the widely used vegetables in salads and Asian curries and are a blessing for people suffering high blood pressure in these hard days of life. A great way to have internal immunity against inflammation and wounds, reducing  chances of gastric ulcers, preventing cancer etc, onions should be an essential part of the daily diet due to their numerous Health benefits.

  • Lettuce ; mostly used as healthy food in salad, increases bone mass and helps in attaining a good body weight and should be used by men and women who are weak or underweight. This vegetable has low glycemic level controls blood sugar, helps improve sleeping disorders like insomnia


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