The Dark Side of Health Supplements


Health is wealth and you only come to know of its worth when you lose it.  When you’re physically fit and sound you can pretty much do everything of daily routine but when your health starts evincing signs of deterioration or has certain shortcomings, we rush to the markets in search of health supplements to boost and restore the lost strength, health and treat medical conditions.

Though health supplements can quickly help us recover, balance out deficiencies and enhance our apparent corporeal appeal, yet it is not 100% the natural and not always necessarily safe way because with the passage of time their intake can lead to concerns. Apart from just focusing on the bright side, there are some hidden perils which with frequent and excessive usage of health supplements give rise to health threats that can prove to be quite fatal. Below are some of the lethal blows to your fitness and life that can be caused by the use of health supplements.

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It’s a common strategy for boys to make use of steroids and other health supplements to boost a muscular body while girls love to trim down on pounds by using dietary add-ons. The results are indeed satisfactory but the persistent uses of such health supplements over months of usage tend to cause great damage to the liver and   encumber its effective functioning. For men there is also a great risk of jaundice with the use of body building drugs.


It’s not only the bad habits like smoking and drug addiction that lead to kidney problems, excessive  intake of protein supplements; especially by boys for muscular enhancement need to be limited. The kidney performs the function of breakup of proteins in the body and the additional intake of protein supplements tend to boost the burden on the kidneys and can result in their stressing out and failure.

Health Supplement Problem


Many drugs and health supplements used in facilitating high blood pressure,  treating cardiac problems etc have commonly  shown side effects in consumers whereby the sensory organs are affected. This may include minor blurred vision, inability to smell, flu, vomiting, dryness of the eyes etc.


Health Supplements like anti depressant or birth control pills used for depression or for controlling emotional fluctuations can result in pacing up your heart rate and at times be harmful for the blood vessels and affect cardiac activity. The use of calcium supplements is also a common endeavor for having strong bones and teeth but excessive usage proves fatal for the heart. In accentuated situations certain hyper-reactive health supplements can cause heart attack.


Everybody has a different tendency to respond towards medications and certain health supplements and antibiotics react together and as a result minimize their effects. One of the concerns for women is that many anti-depressants and drug increments tend to nullify the effect of birth control pills and result in unwanted pregnancies- something women should watch out for.


Though health supplements  chant medical statements of safety; patients that have cancerous indications are vulnerable  to have their state accentuated because medically proven, Vitamin C, many antioxidants and  beta carotene in supplements  etc can at times promote  cancerous factors.

These handful of some of the common threats associated with long-term use of health supplements require attention and should help you to vigilantly  make limited use of fitness increments and aware you of what you may be risking.





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