Makeup Style of Katie Holmes


Katie Holmes needs no introduction when it comes to the most glamorous beauty looks in Hollywood. Renowned for her classy mod looks, she holds the prestige of being the glamour girls of numerous fashion magazines an a rousing inspiration in the best celebrity  beauty trends.

Admired by millions of women , she has that adept talent over the art of makeup application which accounts for her being one of the best beauty guides for the ladies out there. Adhering to a limited tricks, she tends to always shine out with her unique fresh look through certain traits that give her the edge of sensational appeal Katie Holmes Makeup  Traits.

Katie Holmes


1. Simply natural

Excess of everything is bad and Katie Holmes is well conversant with this fact; especially when it comes to beauty. She seems to make celebrity beauty trends really be worth envying by always carrying that apparently organic simple look despite the use of makeup and that is what makes her so inspirational. Unlike other celebrities makeup artists, who over do the powder or base, she simply sticks to her rule of ‘little yet best’ and avoids the blunder of over-doing.

2. Consistency & Precision in lining

A good look at Katie Holmes evince how she very meticulously manages to pull off sharp and catchy facial impressions through the adept art of proper defining of  her eyes and lips- which are the focal points of attraction when it comes to facial makeup. Always emphasizing on the upper lashes she makes it work to her advantage of retaining the onlookers’ attention towards her well browed eyes.

3. Mascara

Mascara is the exclusive trait of the celebrity Makeup to draw attention to their fresh looking face. This feature style of Katie Holmes is prominent in all her bold and simple public appearances.  She has always emphasized the top lashes and given them ferocity through a volumized effect and ensures their proper brushed look.

4. Thin Sexy lips

 Sharp facial features are the best when it comes to appeal or a photo session. Katie Holmes’ gorgeous smile  is one of her biggest facial assets that gives her a sexy and hot look- which is what the stars aim for when it comes to the celebrity makeup tricks. Be it that bold vampy look  with deep rose or red hues or a simply natural glossy pastel look, she always makes it a point to keep her lips thin and sharp to complement her sharp facial features.

5. Tanned look

Here the greatest beauty secret for all the ladies out there who want a tip that can really be a factor of gracing up the effect of the eyes. The tanned look in fact serves two benefits-  1) it gives a makes the impact of the eye shadows all the more and is a great makeup tip for women with colored eyes because it enhances their  prominence  2) it diverts attention from any signs of dark circles    which simply give a great blow to your looks by making you seem tired and miserable.

Apart from these main traits of her beauty looks, Katie Holmes treads on a cycle of rich diet and regular work out exercises  to keep her body fit for that iconic celebrity look- which tends to rank her fan following amongst  the tops stars in the world of beauty.




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