Professional Makeup Tips – Avoiding Common Blunders


If beauty through makeup is what you pursue then it’s exactly where the professional makeup tips come in handy. Though apparently the task of makeup application seems to be about dabbing on complimenting shades on the face, yet there is a deeper and more profound set of doctrines  and philosophy involved.

Many women are seen going wrong by committing makeup blunders which are quite worth pointing out and require redirecting for a picture perfect look worth admiration.  Top makeup artists like Krystyn Johnson and many more have listed out a set of professional makeup tips which focus around the things ‘ not to do’.

Professional MakeupHandy Professional Makeup Tips


Stroking the mascara brush upwards and quickly is really no effort at all to bring out the best about your lashes. Makeup expert Johnson stresses on starting from the base and giving repeated strokes back and forth for a darker and more prominent effect of dense looking eye lashes. So, even if you’re on the rush, a few seconds effort will really grace up the eyes and score out a better appeal.


Professionally the use of bronzers is usually to give a stealthy and lowing facial radiance but that does not mean you make it go a bit unnatural by using it too conspicuous through contouring with shiny bronzers. This is one of the very effective professional makeup tips offered by the experts to avoid going all glitzy which can be pretty ridiculous during the daylight hours.  However, you may use cool tones of matt bronzers to assist in the desired results with limited use because that will keep you safe from being unnatural.


Professional makeup tips regarding the use of apposite tools are vital to ensure proper blending for a picture perfect look. Haste makes waste and it can really be a hard blow when it comes to applying makeup. Most commonly women tent to go along with flat brushes to dab on their foundation which is one of the must-to-avoid professional makeup tips according to expert opinion because many times it give improper blending to your base which may carry the cracked  effect and give away  signs of flaws. A duo fiber brush is an alternative to use for the gentle tapping in of foundation in a similar manner of perfection as through airbrush makeup.


Cleanliness is half beauty and from the expert box Professional makeup tips, clarity is the punch line to achieve stunning results of good looks. However; a common makeup blunder committed is using the same brush with residues for all parts of the face. The result is indeed a smudgy shade of all the colors on the brush and it’s not even easy to dust out all the powdered shades every now and then etc. Ensure the use of  separate brushes for  dabbing on shades and powders for the eyes and face to have a clean blooming effect of the effort invested.


The very notion makes you laugh it off because this is where you can really mess up you look. Using colored pencils for the brows is one of the beauty endeavors required to put into shape, make dense or highlight the brows. According the guide of professional makeup tips, one blunder women often do is make the brows of the same color as the hair. It’s recommended to use a tone or two different from your hair color i.e if you have light hair go for darker brows vice versa.

The above tits and bit of professional advice should be of some lesson to all the damsels who know that beauty is at stake when you’re playing around with makeup.


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