How to have Shiny Hair


Shiny hair are the heart and soul of  your appeal and no matter how thick or long hair you have, if it lacks the luscious look of shine, then everything stands meaningless. You can bring in vigor, freshness and life into your hair through certain hair products which aim at enhancing and combating practices that weaken the hair and make them seem dull and sordid depriving them of the natural shine- which is the true charm of healthy hair.

Here are some handy tips for shiny hair that can help you retain that grace of healthy hair.

Products for Shiny Hair

Shiny Hair serums

Want smooth and shiny hair? Serums are the way to it! When you need to enhance the shine in your hair, nothing works like serum. In order to do this, take out pea sized amount of serum and begin applying it at the roots of your hair and then work your way up  to the top. Ensure that you do not use too much serum or else it will weigh down your hair. The best serum for this exercise is the Redken Glass 01 Smoothing Serum.

Leave-in conditioners

When you want something that you’ve never had before, then  you need to do something that you have never done before. Leave-in conditioners may be new for you but they are excellent if shiny hair is what you are looking for. These are applied in the same way as the shining serums. Leave-in conditioners can be found in lotion or spray form and they offer longer lasting results of conditioning which promotes natural hair shine.

Leave in Conditioner

Shine sprays

Just like hair dos, shine also needs some spray to stay in place. Ensure that the products you use are spray-on-shine compatible. Spray mists by Ojon and Pantene are the best sprays in town. It does not really matter whether they are available in the aerosol can or the pump bottle, it will work wonders for you either way and are some of the quickest ways to have shiny hair for any event that may spring up.

Silicon styling tools

Styling tools are an inevitable beauty –necessity in hairstyling without  which formal styling becomes unimpressive. If you love to flat iron your hair, you must be careful; for too much heat means dry hair. In order to avoid this, you must use a silicone flat iron by the Bio Ionic company. This iron is efficient for it passes your hair and smoothen it in the first attempt. This means that your hair is exposed to less heat and your desires of shiny hair are fulfilled too.

Vitamins for Shiny Hair

Supplementary Vitamins

Supplementary diet of  Vitamins A, B and E are extremely important for smooth and shiny hair so ensure that you take in enough protein and make eggs and nuts a part of your diet too. In addition to keeping your body healthy, your hair will also remain healthy, happy and well nourished. Use less cosmetic products and stay more inclined towards the natural side.


Keeping your body hydrated adds to the look and feel of your hair as well. The more water you drink, the greater effect will be observed on your hair for it will stay moisturized naturally and offer shiny hair full of health. As the experts suggest, 8 glasses of water every day is a must for shiny, straight hair.

Avoiding hot showers

Hot water can leave your hair dull, dry and messy by drying up the hydrated texture of hair cuticles; therefore, it is imperative to make a sacrifice of comfort and relaxation and always make the right mix of hot and cold water to keep your hair free from damage. When you are blow drying your hair, do not forget to give it some cold hair so the cuticles are sealed and do not stick out.



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