Top Spring Makeup Trends 2014


Its not only the season that is changing but also the trends in beauty which have so many transitions of makeup techniques and colors  that really offer a cool and light change from this fashion years glaring and bold look. Here are some of the hottest handpicked beauty looks  for spring makeup that will make you smart and trendy in the upcoming fashion wave.


Bold lipsticks such as Orange, plum and deep raspberry are some of the freshest spring makeup shades  which will be a blast of exotic color during the lovely spring hours. They are  colors that leave no need for anything more. You can pair this beauty trend up with a light hair shade for maximum flirty and sexy looks. For those who want a more mature and graceful impression, dark hair shades in the wet look will really mark the change of looks from this season. Matt lips are certainly some of the hottest makeup trends that are going to be offering hours of lasting results. Be it any shade you use, make sure it stays matt.

Nude shades with no eye makeup is one of the hottest looks coming your way in the blooming season. The inclination seems to be towards a more natural look as many makeup trends 2014 tend to resort to the use of the lipstick or the eye shadows for a trendy image. Even if you want to make use of both the eye and lips makeup- emphasizing on the darkness of either one is the trick to stay in vogue in the upcoming spring season.

Spring Makeup 2014          Spring Makeup


One of the glaring transition from this year’s fashion trends in eye makeup is the change from the very bold and striking looks to more lighter and nude eye makeup shades. The intensity of the shades in the low tone is the look to go for.  One of the very sweet and sober looks is  the use of Blue eye shadow only without an eye liner or mascara to give a bare yet colored look to the eye.

Bold eye brows is the change of the new season that tends to be a way to bring attention towards the eye. So having a thick yet well trimmed brows given ferocity of appeal with the use of pencil shades such s brown and black will be the determining factors to grace up the eye makeup. For those who have thin brows; you can fill it all up and even make use of the eye pencils to make the diameter as thick as you want.

Bright Pastel Eyes

Leave all the splash of dark colors and  experience a better and more appreciating look of the eyes with the new spring makeup  light shades. Here’s a delicate touch of colored looks with the paste eyes that tend to flaunt pigmented shades for a chic and edgy look that will be a factor that smartens up the impression of the eyes with light Smokey eyes. It’s one of the coolest colors in the spring makeup trends 2014 for women which is appealing and is very graceful for young adults and teenagers.

single neon lining

this is one of the very best ways to have a bit of color around the eyes without apparently having applied much. this time trend setters have stressed on the use of neon lining on the lower eye line for a cute and gorgeous simple shaded look in light colors such as tea-pink, green, sky blue etc. it is a perfect look that is a good daytime makeup tip for women who want to look more appealing with less effort.

Water liners & metallic liquid liners are the transparent makeup trends 2014 this spring which tend to help carry a natural look which is definitely discernible trough its sparkling  shine that draws in the attention. For teenagers it is a  fabulous way to stay styled up at even during the school hours.

Highlighted eye corners are another fit trend in beauty that tends to give a dose of color in the simplicity of the whole natural look.  A dabbing lighter in the inner corner of the eyes is one of the best ways to carry a fresh and blossoming look during summer which pairs up well with the lively summer outfits.



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