Trending Undercut Hairstyles for Men


Bold haircuts like the Undercut hairstyles for men are all the rage these days and it comes as no surprise as to why.  In particular for young boys young who like to keep their image cool and groovy, these are some of the latest sensations in modern day styling that can satiate your quench for a striking impact of personality with callously inventive styles.

Setting standards of modern day styling, the popularity of the undercut hairstyles for men has led to a deliberate investment of thought and skill by trend setters who have now widened the scope of style disparity of these cuts by mashing them up with other voguish trends for something more enticingly peppery.

Wet Undercut Hairstyles for Men

Despite the vicious audacity of the shaved technique, these cuts can be molded in to every type of look you might possibly want ranging from the settled formal styles to the more unnatural ones. Altering the intensity of the shaved patch and tampering with the top setting of the hair, you can simmer up a thousand looks in the Undercut hairstyles for men; where each style stands its own ground of appeal.


Here’s where the most thrilling undercut hairstyles for men find their supreme impression. Having irregular serrated cutting in medium/short length, the undercut styles can be played around with front flip staging of long extensions of hair strands follow by shorter and brushed up sharp spikes which present a flirtatiously perky outlook.

Modern Undercut Hairstyles for Men

GROWN OUT RETRO UNDERCUTS– Letting your cropped look grow out a bit is also in vogue these days as it allows you to stylishly cover up the lower reaped patch. It’s the ideal look for men with medium hair because it flatters up the mid length styling in the classic retro waves and roll style which in textured streaks offer a better and richer statement.

WET UNDERCUT HAIRSTYLES FOR MEN – Some of the most groomed formal looks for men are the wet styles which offer a pure gentleman look with their settled impact. Flipping the undercut top hair sideways or combed full back offers a very appealing look which can be taken up for almost any occasion that might spring up. It’s been one of the hottest celebrity hairstyles seen glamorously carried at the star events.

Sleek Undercut Hairstyles for Men

SLEEK LAYERED – For gents with thick hair the sleek and layered undercut hairstyles for men are some of the most sensational fierce hairstyles which present a very chirpy and dynamic fusion of finely stacked impressions of thick top hair cropping down in density towards the lower length.  This version of the sleek undercuts is open to an array of style variations where you can have a funky, disheveled, tousled or sharp styling to grace the top look with the lower tapered cut.

CROPPED PUNK – For the lovers of freaky techniques, the trend of the patterned crop punk haircuts is one of the popular trends where you can go all cropped with just a single strip of top hair to stamp it down as an undercut.  Giving rise to disproportionate lengths, you can dish out a spectacular outlook with the altering hair lengths. Getting inspired animal impressions is also a trend quite popular in boys.

Latest Undercut Hairstyles for Men

QUIFF UPS – Having a bit of length makes hairstyling all the more enjoyable  and you can playfully style your undercut with some of the popular wavy and curly undercut hairstyles for men that are open to an indefinite ways of styling out of which one of the most popular is the quaff in normal hair texture. Gel it up or spry it position, you have an amazing  list of up straight or tilted options for your laid back hours with these enthusing undercut hairstyles for men.





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