Winter Coat Styles 2014 for Women


Winter trends in clothing have a limited number of things which really matter in flaunting your style appeal and if you’re one of those who really wants to run in vogue then you must know that owning a coat of the smartest style is an essential addition you must add to you winter collection. Winter clothing in women’s fashion has a very smart stock of winter coat styles 2014 to make their getup all the more smart and attractive. For the young and old there are so many new styles to get hold of and the amount of variety out in the market is really a delight to see and a treat to wear.

The use of different materials and manufacturing of simple, plain and fancy coat styles are what makes the desire to own one even more. So when you’re out in the market for your winter shopping do get hold of some of the handpicked top trending designs in women’s fashion for winter that can cater to your causal , official and other formal needs in winter.

Round shoulder  coat styles in leather, wool and fur are a hot trend in the winter women’s fashion 2014 which offer a very luxury impression offered through richness of animal fur and creativity around the shoulder with the multi colored fur to serve as  the purpose of adornment and appeal. This trend is highly cool for young adults and elderly women that flaunt an illusion of the trend of fashion scarves. Block colored woolen long coats are another popular variety which offers a very rich look with the fusion of cool color combinations. Trendy to be worn in round shoulder style, flutter and wrap around designs, they can work well with all types of winter outfits.

Leather coats styles are some of the hottest varieties from the leather winter  fashion 2014 which have so many new designs to offer. Earlier it was the simple plain long styles in sober shades ( brown, black, beige, camel) which were in vogue; however, with the current fashion inclination towards a more lively and creative presentation these leather coat styles have been dished out in smart and fitted short and knee length buttoned skirt, peplum and open collar coats. Not only is there a vast variety in the dull and soft texture but a great stock for the young in the lustrous and shiny vibrant  vampire, ban, English, buttoned and open coat styles.

For the extra groovy styles in women’s fashion, catering to the need of ladies who like to carry a funky and street style fashion image the mid waist metal stud leather coats are some of the very smart coat styles which pair up well with jeans.  The range of color of these leather coat styles is another highlight of the leather fashion which has so many vibrant shades to carry greater appeal in the dull winter environment.



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