Dry Salt Therapy – Cave Style


Care to try the primitive way of luxury treatment to boost your body’s immunity? Learn the science behind a dry salt therapy that offers imperviousness and health benefits in a Himalayan crystal salt-laden cave amidst a relaxing backdrop of tranquility and  décor.

While nutritionist often bombard us with dire warnings about the intake of too much salt and its negative impacts on the body, we have a new and different version to breed out. It’s not a just a fame of a few minutes we are here to chant out but to update you with latest sensations in skin care treatments like the a dry salt therapy which lately are going viral in west on account of proven results.

What is Dry Salt Therapy?

Crystal salt particles according to latest research and practical treatments are in vogue to cure certain health problems like allergies and asthma etc, to boost the body immunity and also to avail certain amount of beauty and skin care benefits.

Dry Salt Therapy

Dry Salt Therapy

In a dry salt therapy, special halotherapy compartments are designed for an atypical environment that is made up of pure salt coated walls, floor and ceiling. The customer is made to relax away in a chair or a bed while pure salt particles attained from natural sources are churned and blown in to the room using halo-machines that grind warm salt into a breathable particles.

With inhaling, these particles enter the lungs, absorb up the impurities and improve the rate of oxygen absorption. The cleansing of the lungs and boosted oxygen rate directly lead to increased rate of stamina and energy in the body. .While with External exposure to pure salt in a dry salt therapy, the salt ions tend to emit negative ions that are acknowledged to offer soothing and relaxing effects on the body. A dry salt therapy can have multiple setup designs like a playground of salt sand on the floor for people to play or scrub around like at a beach or You may find some exquisite décor with dim lighting.

It’s a combo of a beach and cave inspired arrangement that make the experience all the more enjoyable. The cost of a dry salt therapy tends to vary with the location and amount of services you wish to avail. A normal 1 hour session is usually about $40-45 while a more lavish adult session can go up to $ 100.

It’s simply amazing and interesting to see how man is once again reverting and benefiting from the use of raw natural products to tackle health and beauty problems.

Benefits of Dry Salt Therapy

Dry Salt Therapy


  • Adds glow to your skin with its clarifying effects and boosted oxygen absorption.

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  • Practical practitioners of the dry salt therapy assure and propound that this luxury treatment tends to be a therapeutic process that can help numerous ailments like psoriasis, asthma, seasonal allergies, respiratory problems,, whooping cough, eczema etc
  • Exposure to the salt tends to act as an exfoliant which makes the skin soft and clean.
  • It’s a great antibacterial treatment for acne.
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  • It eliminates dry skin and gives way to better and fresher skin.
  • Last but not the least, another great advantage of a dry salt therapy is that it greatly affects the mood; which in itself is a therapy that renders positive body development effects from head to toe.

NOTE: It is recommended that you moisturize your body after a dry salt therapy to prevent dehydration of the skin.

So, what are you waiting for? Go enjoy your share of a primitive styled dry salt therapy and experience the unique method of body and skincare.


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