Homemade Face Masks for Skin Whitening


What matters most to women are looks, looks and good looks; which without a fair complexion are somewhat not possible. A fair complexion is one of the paramount factors that adds appeal to your personality but everyday  outdoor routines and pollution can be a cause of facial dullness which overwhelms the charm.

Going for cosmetic beauty  products is not always  the solution to revive or restore skin enhancement results. You can in fact very easily adhere to some very economic; yet effective homemade face masks which tend to directly provide the skin with essential nutrients that are ideal for skin whitening. So, for women who want to play it fair the natural way, following are some of the homemade face masks you can try out for some great results.

Homemade Face Masks

Milk powder & lemon

Milk is an ideal skin cleanser while lemon is a natural bleaching agent which tends to be the perfect combination for having skin whitening results.  Mix up milk powder with lemon juice and add a bit of honey for more impact. Apply this mixture on to your face for about ten minutes on regular basis and see the white glowing radiance that simmers up on your face.  It’s one of the best homemade face masks to use during summer for retaining a fair complexion and is also effective for treating pigmentation which is another common skin issue.

Mint Leaves

The very word tends to be so refreshing that anything minty tempts you to try it out. Mint leaves are in fact some of the best natural purifying astringent products for homemade face masks that can help lighten up the skin complexion and also help reduce the size of face pores along with clearing away facial marks and pigmentation. Grate or mash up mint leaves and apply on to the face for about 10-15 minutes and then wash off with cold water. You will have invigorating facial freshness and great skin whitening results.

Ripe Banana & Honey

Banana is one of the richest fruits that has incredible potency to treat and enhance the human skin. For skin whitening, they are some of the must-to-try homemade face masks as they brighten up the facial skin texture. You may mix up honey with mashed banana.

Oatmeal & Sour curd

Oatmeal is one of the renowned natural skin care product which tends to very effective for not only facial scrubbing and exfoliation but also for skin whitening. It makes one of the most result-oriented homemade face masks to have fair skin texture. Soak it up over night and grind it in the morning and mix it with the sour curd. Apply this face pack on regular basis and you will see the difference within days of use.

Potato pulp

It’s one of nature’s astringent vegetables which has mild bleaching properties that help lighten the skin texture. It is one of very economical and effective natural homemade face masks that can give good facial complexion. Simply used grated raw potato pulp on the face and leave it on till the juice dries up. Wash off with cold water. Using it on regular basis will not only lead to skin whitening but also give you smooth skin texture and facial radiance.

Tomato & Turmeric

Mix up the Asian beauty herb (turmeric) with tomato juice, which has astringent skin lightening properties, and have stunning skin whitening results that perk up desired fairness you require to look beautiful.


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