Facial Pigmentation Remedies


Pigmentation is one of the common skin issues with people which basically is a condition of color change  of the skin caused by the increased melanin production by the skin cells. Most common causes of Pigmentation are cell damage, sun exposure, infections, blisters, Medication, heat, diseases, heredity, blemishing or injury. They tend to over shadow the appeal of the face by showing dark patches of the skin and can be a great cause of negative psychological well being of individuals and is certainly an undesirable condition when talking in terms of beauty.  Pigmentation  is a tricky skin problem to treat and often difficult and though there are advance means to fade them away, yet people prefer safer methods like natural remedies  to treat pigmentation. Below are some effective home topical treatments that can help you have clear and flawless facial looks.

Red onion is an ideal cure for all types of facial marks and pigmentation like dark spots, freckles and blemishes.  Either rub sliced red onions on to the affected area or you may also apply its juice and leave it on till it dries up then wash off thoroughly.

Aloe Vera & Vitamin E is another one of the classic combinations of innate ingredients which  with their healing and soothing properties prove to be effective against all types of facial pigmentations. They basically slough off old and dead layers of skin and gradually fade away the marks through peeling effects.  Mix aloe Vera gel and vitamin E capsules and apply on to your face half an hour before going to sleep.


 Vinegar has an amazing innate skin lightening property which is why it is an ideal  economic solution for pigmentation.  Since it is very astringent therefore, dilute it with water. Use this  solution to wash your face  and avoid using plain water after its application.

Banana & guava may sound an odd combination but guava  has an enzyme called lycopene which is effective for skin lightening effects while banana has exfoliating properties. Together they offer satisfying results against pigmentation.

Potatoes are known to be astringent natural products when it comes to treating facial pigmentation, dark spots, scars, blemishes and freckles. Apply grated potatoes on to the face and slowly scrub it on the affected area. You can also  try out mixing potato juice with multani mitti / fuller’s earth, it’s an effective remedy especially for dark spots.

 Lemon & honey being a natural bleaching agent is highly effective against pigmentation.  Though lemon juice can be used separately to fade away facial marks, yet you have to be a little cautious about  going out in the sun directly after its use because it can lead to skin tanning. So be safe and treat your pigmentation with lemon juice by mixing it up with honey and have stunning skin care results.

Turmeric & lemon juice is another ideal natural combination of ingredients that are a good remedy for pigmentation. Mix 1 tbsp of turmeric powder with lemon juice and apply on the area of the face or body having the pigmentation and leave on for a while and then wash off. It is best to apply this mask at night.


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