Top Lipstick Shades 2016 for Summer


  From the classically flaring lipstick shades 2016  to the lighter and refreshing corals and pastels,  there’s a pallet  of colors bound to perk up your summer look the tangy way.

Every changing season pins down its own selected shades to be the trademark of the season to carry on the legacy of beauty trends and for summer this year,  lipstick shades 2016 have a crucial color change that women will blindly be loving.

With the new fashion year  starting off with great zest, women are already in pursuit of going for beauty looks of the new lipstick trends spring makeup trends 2014 that can give them that spice of change to go along with their formal and laid back looks.

Top Lipstick Shades 2016 

A handful of some of the top trends in lipsticks have been handpicked  hot from the fashion ramps and dished out for your convenience.

Foremost the natural  look as one of the dominating beauty looks. This however; does not imply that you will have to do with just a simple application of a gloss to be natural; in fact shades such as peach, nude pink, tea-pink, plum etc are the hottest natural lipstick shades  which will be a common sight out on the street and in gatherings.

This soft trend of makeup is in fact a perfect look for the hot hours of the day and very suitable for teenagers to be styled up with beauty trends that complement the age and need.

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The greatest thing about the beauty trends in the  fashion 2014 is that it has not overshadowed the current fashion trends completely nor ruled out completely new ones but has taken up some of the popular trends to run parallel with the new trends of 2014. This is indeed a blessing for women who can avail diverse looks on daily basis with every changing outfit.

Bold colors in lipsticks is one such beauty trend that offers a contrasting trend in makeup to the natural one to bring in a bit of vigor in your appeal through hot shades that instantly draw attention.

Shades such as orange and deep raspberry are the tropical shades to offer a sexy and fresh look that complements the printed dresses which will be some of the most worn dress styles in spring and summer.

Orange lipstick trends is one of the most stunning bold celebrity beauty trends seen on the fashion ramps paired up well with the latest  upcoming wet and gelled hairstyles for women.

Matt toned lipsticks trends are the textures to go for in makeup no matter what shade you opt for. The sparkling effect of the gloss trend has now been weighed down with the matt texture to give you longer hours of adorned makeup looks.

In fact the matt lipsticks shades  have a fiercer impact of color and will save you from the inconvenience of a smudgy look during the hot hours of the day.  So when you’re out in the market make sure to leave the glossy ones out of the list.


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