Makeup Tips for Dry Skin


Dry skin tends to pose a great deal of problems not only with looks but also with makeup application. The rough and cracked skin hampers proper blending and gives away signs of imperfection with all that powder showing up. This is where the true tricks of the trade are to be applied; which basically mean to adhere to certain effective Makeup tips for dry skin that will not only cater to your ease but also offer good makeup results. So, for women who have a dry and rough skin, here’s the path to tread on for a radiantly perfect look.

Use facial products for dry skin

This sounds quite sensible if you want to nip the issue in the bud. The first step in the list of Makeup tips for dry skin is to go for makeup products that are specially formulated for dry skin. They may include  wet bases and creamy moisturizers which tend to offer a hydrated base to settle down the roughness of the skin texture and result in a smooth outlook.

Use primers

This is  another makeup tip for dry skin often recommended by beauticians as well.  You might want to go for a transparent primer as it provides a protective layer on to the skin   that tends to whisk away dryness from the skin and also assists greatly in laying out a smooth layer of makeup base.

Makeup for Dry Skin

Avoided too much powder

This one of the most handy makeup tips  for dry skin that can save you from letting your secret become open.  Limit your use of powder on the face because it will cake up or show coarse bumps. The best and most appropriate technique here is to use creamy colors on your eyes and cheeks as they will pair up superbly with your good base. However, if it is a must that you use powder then there are translucent finishing powders that are hydrating, you can make use of them for your final touches of makeup.

Use compatible products

Makeup tips for dry skin also depend a great deal upon the choice and compatibility of makeup products. Since you have a dry skin; therefore go for creams and foundations that have the same level of results. For example if you are using a high definition primer then go for high definition foundations so that the end results not only cover up the facial dryness but also are flawless.

Use liquid eyeliners

The eyes are the instant factor of attention on the face so they need special attention. Liquid liners come as another one of the fantastic makeup tips for dry skin right from the beauticians collection of secret techniques while plying makeup on dry skin. Since eye pencils and powders can give away flakey, messy and derailed  lining, a liquid eye liner on the other  gives a smoother, darker and richer impact that stays on and covers the dry area applied on. The results of a liquid liner define the eyes  better and is another great way to divert attention from the dryness problem.

 Proper tools

There’s a whole lot of difference of results when done with the hand and proper makeup tools. Use  a brush  while applying makeup on to your face with a slight press so that  the powder of the blush on settles down properly at every point with leaving any patch due to roughness o the dry skin. With the finger equal distribution and blending is just not possible. This is one of the precautionary makeup for dry skin which is a simple technique that ensures good blending and filling up of cracks.

Hope that by following these handful makeup tips for dry skin, you will be better able to understand and mange your skin in a beautiful way.


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