New Beauty Treatments in Vogue for 2014


Struggling to stay young and beautiful is all the rage these days which is why new beauty treatments are storming the arena to deliver the best at disposal. In the  new beauty regimens, the latest technology sure has its way of cashing in this urge of men and women. Mounting years tend to bring in all sorts of problems like being over-weight, sagging skin, blemishes, excessive fat etc which give a great blow to your personality.

However, with every tick of the hour, technology pounces in with yet; newer and innovative means to help trim down a few years by giving you advance means of whisking away whatever issues you have. In this regard, new beauty treatments have greatly inspired and allured people their way with their instant results in tackling the numerous deteriorating physical grace.


There are many new and innovative concepts which have wriggled their way to the forefront this year to offer new  beauty treatments to men and women. However; When it’s about your physical beauty then it’s always good to search around for news and reviews that update you with the latest means and options at disposal to rid oneself of the indefinite anti-beauty look of the body and skin. So, for those who want to trim down on their looks and groom out a younger looking’ them’, here are some of the trends in the new beauty treatments that are hot in demand for reducing body fat and tackling sagging and wrinkling.

Lovera – Don’t get the wrong impression of an affair with this term but yes, in a way if you love yourself then  this may be one of the perfect means for you to bust away wrinkling and revive  firmer skin texture. It basically involves the freezing of facial muscles and nerves with liquid nitrous to smooth skin lining. It offers fabulous results for tenure of up to 4 months. This is one of the new beauty treatment  that relieves you of your aging look within 15 minutes and is one of the alternate new means to the popular Botox injections which still frightens many women to be injected on the sensitive facial skin.

Radial waves are another one of the new beauty treatments which is delivered with a hand held device and is used to cut down the quantity of body fat and enhance skin tightening. Unlike other, beauty treatments which tend to destroy the skin cells, this procedure involves passing of radial waves through the skin and make skin cells porous so that excess fat instead of accumulating, drains out through the lymphatic system and helps you stay fat-free. It also benefits the body by increasing blood circulation which helps in abating the prominence of cellulite and also tends to boost skin firming for a younger and smarter looking ‘you’.

Fat – Freezingif you’re sick and tired of using medicines and dietary methods to trim down your pounds around the hip, belly, thighs or anywhere, well you have some good news;  which  obviously does not go without being hefty on the wallet. The latest fat-freezing method is one of the rousing new beauty treatments  to blast away your wobbly bits and gear back into shape more effectively and in a pain-free manner.  You can also Shock out your excess body fat with the newest technology of using proshock ice treatment, which is combined with latest technologies to trim down the quantity of fat. It is one of the hottest beauty treatments in vogue these days.

The procedure goes step wise in sessions and the first stage involves the placing of a metallic plate over the area having excess fat. The plates is cooled fast to freeze down the skin tissues and destroys skin cells responsible for the accumulated body fat. These destroyed cells are safely and cautiously scraped off from the body over the following weeks. The second stage of this beauty treatment makes use of acoustic waves that smooth out the skin texture and boost skin firming to make it look and appealing.  For attaining maximum results, it is advisable to go for a course of 6 treatments.


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