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Having those extra pounds of weight is not the true concept of a perfect health. Having good stamina while retaining a perfectly slender physique is the punch line of what we term as health and fitness. In the rush hours of the modern day dealing,  body fitness is essential and that can be possible with certain exercises for health and fitness which gear into action all body muscles- thus giving shape, strength and flexibility to your body.  A  list of some of the best health exercises that can help you in gaining fitness and desired health have been discussed below.

Treadmill – best cardio workout:

If you do not have enough time to go for a workout at the gym, tone your body with the treadmill. Firstly, walk fast on the treadmill for like 3 minutes, and then raise your speed. Once the body is warm-up, hold a dumbbell of 3 pounds in each hand and continue to walk with a fast pace. It is certainly very challenging, but helps in gaining the desired body shape.

Simply stand straight and make sure the distance between your feet is parallel to your shoulders. Now sit in a way that your knees are bent at a 45-degree angle. Remain in the position for at least 40 seconds and do minimum 8 sets. If you want to make this body fitness exercise a little challenging, start doing the squats with heel raised. You can do that by simultaneously switching the load on the heels. This enervating health exercise is a good way to have health and fitness of the legs-especially the thighs.

Health and Fitness

Running & walking for health and fitness:

Make a habit of walking or jogging each day as it is one of the most beneficial health exercises that gears the whole body into the perfect shape and sound body fitness. It may involve running or brisk walking too. It is the best Cardio exercise that is simple and provides a good effect on overall body. It even keeps the bones strong and muscle powerful. Run for a minute and then take some rest. If you are in a park, take three rounds in one trip to keep your body fit.

A group workout:

Start with a side step simple squats – it would help you tone your back, thighs and butt.Take the big gym ball and place your legs over it – make sure you are lying in a comfortable position. Move the ball slowly with your legs in a way that you feel pressure in your overall body. This is a great way to make your body very flexible. Such exercises for health and fitness are recommended for both men and women as they are a good way to strengthen back muscles.

rope jumping :

In simpler words, burn your 26 to 28 calories in a single minute. You can simply do the basic skipping for like 5 minutes in a go. Do it about 4 times a day and try out newer ways to make your task more challenging. Show some patience and give it time to see the desired results.

 Spend more time on crunches:

If you want to attain body fitness in the firmest abs, then carry out crunches on a daily basis. Make sure you bring back your head properly towards the knees; otherwise, you may end up getting muscular pain. If you are a beginner, do five crunches in one go, take rest and continue with another set.
Spend your time on Push-Up:

Get on the floor with your face facing the floor – put the weight of your body on your toes and try to push your body above the ground by using your hands. Simply go up and down in a smooth manner. Within one set, do at least 8 push-ups. If you want to make the task of theses health exercises a bit more challenging, then try putting your legs on the chair and keep your hands on the floor. This body fitness exertion is  strictly not recommended if you are at beginner level.




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