Skin & Beauty Benefits of Vinegar


You may have used vinegar in salads and tasty food items so far but how about taking it up as an effective natural product that can cater to your numerous personal care issues.

Though cosmetic treatments and products tend to be the quick ways to get instant skin and beauty results, yet the edge of using naturally effective edibles remains unsurpassed. Out of the numerous products, the benefits of vinegar are some of the stimulating reasons that should convince you to add it to your list of personal care arsenal for all seasons.Below are some of the benefits of vinegar that can assist in combating problems related to the hair care, health and the body.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar


Dandruff is a common problem with almost every type of hair and skin texture and ridding away the flakey and at times painful condition becomes a perpetual battle. However; one of the best benefits of vinegar is that it can effectively clear away all the flakey dandruff with its anti-fungal properties which not only mitigate the problem but also prevent  further growth of fungal infections. The acidic composition of vinegar also tends to balance out the pH level and makes the skin texture regain and fortify its protective outer layer. Mix apple cider vinegar in equal quantity of water and massage into your scalp and hair before you head to use shampoo.

Hair Benefits of Vinegar



Apple cider vinegar is medically proven to help control and regulate blood sugar and insulin which pretty much are some of the factors that facilitate bulky bodies. Its intake makes you feel satiated and thus limits and curbs the desire of excess intake of food which means lesser intake of calories. The end result is pretty much an ideal body weight which should content you.

Weight Loss Benefits of Vinegar


Body odor is an embarrassing and self-irritating problem which really worsens in summers.  The anti-fungal and anti-septic attributes of vinegar tend to make it one of the best products to seek relief from the bad smell of the body. For body odor remedy mix apple cider vinegar with four cups of basin using water. Apply the paste on the areas that give out bad odor like armpits and feet.  The acidic composition tends to neutralize the odor and makes you feel dry and confident.


If your skin is ruptured, sun burnt, bruised or wounded, the appeal definitely tarnishes to ground zero. The healing down of wounds and soothing them out is one of the effective benefits of vinegar which makes it perfect for keeping  your skin intact. Simply add 8 ounces of apple cider vinegar in your bath tub and soak the affected area for round about 15-20 minutes.  It will restore the pH balance and nurse back your skin to health.

Shiny Hair With Vinegar


One of the hair care benefits of vinegar is that it can breathe life in to dull and dry hair by simmering up a lustrous shine.  Make a mixture of 2 tablespoons vinegar and a cup of water and soak your hair with it. After 5-10 minutes wash your hair and apply conditioner. It will eradicate all residues of impurities and dish out shiny hair locks full of vitality.


Toning is one of the common measures in skin care ordeals for a healthy and supple texture that instantly appeals to the eyes. To have that perfect blend and consistency of a well toned outlook, mix one spoon of vinegar in 2 cups of water and pat it on the face with cotton balls. Wash off after 5-10 minutes. Vinegar tends to offer a protective layering of the skin and boosts it’s consistency for a smooth and leveled texture.

Face Benefits of Vinegar


Perturbed over how to shrink large face pores? Seeing that as the skin grows old it tends to loosen up give way to large facial pores which really tends to be very conspicuous at times and undermine the whole facial charm. Shrinking down their size is one of the skin care benefits of vinegar which you can avail to revive that smooth and tight look of the face. Mix it up it water and apply on the face, you can also use it up with other natural products and get a perfectly toned and smooth skin.



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