Exercises for a Flat Stomach


A slim and smart personality definitely is worth the admiration and a great source of inner satisfaction about yourself. However; the  entire grace of the body can go down the drain when your stomach tends to bulge out in an undesirable  and prominent way.  There are numerous workout exercises that can help you push in your stomach and regain that perfect flatness. Some of the best exercises for flat stomach  that are result-oriented have been selected and their method of practice has been related.

Effective  Exercises for a Flat Stomach

Russian twists

Lift your upper body and keep it in mid-air by bending your legs at right angles but keeping your shoulders and your head on an elevated position, either on a chair or on a soft ball. Now rotate yourself to one side, for example the left and bring your arms together in a clap, while in the same bridge position. Now turn to the other side and repeat it. These repeated twists  will make your upper trunk muscles and arm muscles stronger while also giving results on the stomach.

Bicycle crunches:

This simple exercise involves lying down on your back straight onto the floor. Pull your hands under your head. While straightening one leg, let’s say the left one; bring the other right bent leg closer to your chest. While you are doing this maneuver, rotate the top half of your trunk in such a manner that your left elbow is touching your right knee. Keep yourself in this position for one minute, and then repeat the procedure with the other side of the body. Bicycle crunches should be done at least three times per day. These exercises are best for flattening the abdominal abs and make your central muscles stronger.

Flat Stomach


For this, you need a ball on which you lie with your elbows bent on the ball and your feet on the ground. Pick yourself up on your toes and then flatten out, rolling the ball away from you. Now revert back to the same position. These roll out exercises help you on strengthening trunk muscles as well as your shoulder muscles and reduces the accumulated fat on the stomach- directly affecting the bulgy look.

Boat position:

The boat involves sitting flatly on the ground with your knees straight and your upper body forming a right angle with the lower part of the body. Stretch your arms up to your knees and bend to the maximum while breathing in and pulling your belly inside. Return to your previous position and start over. This should be done at least five times a day. These exercises will help you reduce the belly bulge and help flatten out the stomach muscles.

Plank push-ups:

These are done by lying flat on your stomach on the floor. Push yourself up with the help of toes and keep your forearms perpendicularly with the elbow on the ground. Keep your stomach muscles tight and hold the belly in, while keeping the legs straight. Hold yourself like this for 10 seconds. Repeat at least 4 times per day, gradually increasing the push-up times.  This exercise can build up your trunk muscles and increase their bulk.


Try standing in the upside position o the floor with a chair or a ball nearby. Place your feet on the chair and then try to bring your body closer to your knees, while breathing out. This is will help you not only tone up the abs but also the entire body muscles.

Reverse crunches:

The reverse crunches can be done by simply lying on the floor and lifting your legs at a right angle to your body. Now try bringing in the knees closer to the body while breathing in. Take your legs back to the same position while breathing out. These help flatten the belly and strengthen your thighs as well.





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