Fish Pedicure Treatment for Smooth Feet


Fish pedicure treatment  is one of the very thrilling foot care regimens that is in vogue nowadays on account of its unique and exciting way to beauty of the feet. It allows you to have small fish eat away the rough and dead foot skin and dish out smooth, clean and beautiful looking feet.

Beautiful  feet are indeed a great addition to ones physical assets; however, caring for them is often very time consuming due to the rough and tough skin. Yet there’s a new trend in the latest beauty treatments for the feet which allows some friendly aqua friends to scrape off and eat away all the dirt, debris, dead skin and fungal growths without causing any  harm; rather cleaning up and freshening out the look of your feet.

 What is fish pedicure treatment?

It’s a very interesting concept of foot care pedicure treatment to have clean and smooth looking feet by soaking them in a water container  with a variety of small and minor fish species that feed on dead skin. Toothless tiny fish are used in the treatment which with their tickling short caresses  eat away all the coarse and rough skin while simply keeping you entertained in the mutual benefitting ordeal of beauty and hunger satisfaction.

This innovative concept of fish pedicure treatment was initially practiced in beauty salons in Turkey  , some parts of Asia and the United States and met with instant success; whereby men and women alike thronged the beauty spas and salons to have their fish pedicure treatment done the unique and fun way.

Fish Pedicure

This aqua treatment for foot care requires  a very hygienic condition  of the water along with precautionary measures against the fish excretion and neutralization of its effects and also the spread of infections  which may  occur due to abrasion that might be caused by the nibbling- though very rare as the fish are toothless and harmless. Nevertheless strict measures can definitely ensure a proper and safe fish pedicure treatment with spectacular foot care results.

Since the fish pedicure treatment  is not hours long procedure, therefore, it cannot do much harm. Rather washing off the feet with cleansing soaps and medicated soaps tends to whisk away the minor chances that may cause some sort of issue. it’s in fact one of the popular beauty treatments of the celebrities like Kim Kardashian, who likes to do all things latest when it comes to style, fashion and beauty.


However, due to certain medical  alarms regarding the possibility of the spread or transfer of fungi or bacterial infection due to inappropriate sterilization standards, Fish pedicure treatment has been banned in at least 20 states of America. Critics propound that there is no guarantee of the fact that the water solution are regularly changed before  every treatment; which raises concerns of infestation of microorganisms and hence foot infection. Despite the alarms, fish pedicure treatment has become one o the luxury spa treatments at salons and the increasing demands have lead to hefty prices


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