Get rid of dark circles


Beautiful and fresh looking eyes greatly contribute to the appeal of your face but certain conditions can really hamper all that grace and charm of your looks. Dark circles are some of the frustrating looks on the face that display an enervated and zombie-type look due to the shadowy and hollow bags under the eyes. When it comes to beauty and appeal, then such menace on the face is definitely not tolerable and that too on the most important facial asset- the eyes.

Though not a severe medical condition that should make you panic but rather they are the outcome of several factors such as  aging, sun exposure, less sleep, unhealthy habits such as alcohol and smoking, allergies, hay fever, sinus etc. resorting to simple measures and proper diet can help eradicate this horrid look of dark circles  from under the eyes.

Foremost; make sure you have good sleeping hours so that your body gets the time to relax and make up for the wear and tear that goes on during the day and overcomes the exertion through relaxing. This is one of the best ways to relieve yourself from the hollow eyes by providing internal resistance to factors that cause the black bags.

The skin under the eyes is really sensitive and you need to pamper it with things that tend to offer results such as providing it  a dose of coolness. You can do this with the use of cucumber slices on the eyes for 10-15 minutes or even use a cold and moist cloth over your eyes. It makes the eyes fresh and helps fade away the dark circles. A healthy diet is the edifice of a healthy and well functioning body replete with natural charm and appeal. For dark circles, this is no exception.

Taking food that is rich in beta-carotene, iron and vitamin A provide nutritional sustenance to the eyes and fight away the prominence of the dark look under the eyes. Proteins are a good edible source that tend to lighten the discoloring of the skin under the eyes. Resorting to healthy habits by minimizing or even leaving smoking and reducing the intake of alcohol can be factors that lessen the conditions which lead to their emanation and vulnerability to the risk.

Dark circles also can also be dealt with cosmetic products such as eye brightening treatments  which offer fast and effective results. It can get a bit hefty with treatments but it is worth it if your condition is persistent and does not cure up with the passage of time. Many eye moisturizing creams are also out in the market which tend to provide nutrition and enrichment through massaging that promotes blood circulation and skin development-as a result relief from the menace of dark circles.



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