Summer Food – The Chewy Menu to Flawless Beauty


Who doesn’t like to eat the rich and enticingly vibrant summer food and if you come to know that this yummy channel is an effective way to get not only good health but also fabulous skin results along with immense sun protection, you would probably want to chew on for hours.

Yes, indeed nature can be a great savior against sun damage and skin problems by fortifying your epidermal armor internally through the intake of some amazing summer food that have core ingredients that counter and combat perilous summer beauty-anguishes like UV rays, skin tanning, pigmentation, free-radical damage, discoloring etc So, here are a handful of the wonder summer food items that can be your health way to have and retain radiance and flawlessness the natural way.


The visional spectrum of raw, dark and multi shaded foods on the plate is indeed a treat which simply makes you want to dig right into it. This is exactly what you should do if you want the best protection against free-radical damage during summer like loose skin, wrinkles and dull complexion. To have this economical beauty package of vegetables; lust in the grocery shop for rich and juicy dark veggies and mix them all up for a colorful and juicy channel to stunning skin results.

Summer FoodTomatoes


Embossed as the ‘nature’s sunscreen’ you pretty much get an idea of the amazing contribution tomatoes can make to your summer beauty regime. For sun protection they are of the best summer foods as they are rich in antioxidants like lycopene which have medically been approved for their persistent and effective results against skin problems like discoloring and sun burns. So, dig into your salads and other tomato –based diets and run around in the sun with complete skin fortification.

Summer Food sweet Potatoes


It’s not only the taste that is sweet but also the results. Sweet potatoes are a rich source of skin protecting beta carotene and are a fantastic grilled delicacy  pair-up mixed with salad, black pepper and olive oil for a healthy summer food package that enhances the skin texture and promote firmness to make you seem gorgeously young and fresh.

Carrots Summer Food


One of the must-to-add super foods to your sun protection program in summer is the rabbit food. Offering not only skin protection against the sun , it’s a miracle vegetable that has recently been proven to  offer reverse –age effects which make it all the more a reason to be a tasty endeavor towards eternal beauty. So all the men and women venturing out for flawless tight skin, this is the ultimate food to take up.

Watermelon Summer Food


One of the best summer food items that keep you hydrated and cool during summers is the refreshing watermelon.  Enjoy it’s super-light taste with a peppery tinge of light sprinkling of black pepper or sea salt. The rich source of lycopene offers a fantastic sun protection impacts by keeping your skin texture moist, supple and free from redness and dryness.

Summer Food and Fruits


Refreshing fruits like strawberries, kiwis, lemons and oranges are some of fruity sources of vitamin C which is one of the most effective natural minerals that treats numerous skin issues. During summer, the skin is highly vulnerable to cancerous skin effects, discoloring etc   due to excessive exposure but fruits and summer food rich in Vitamin C suppress and eradicate free-radicals that promote or accentuate cancerous conditions, darkening of the skin, pigmentation and freckles.

The top mentioned handful summer foods should serve as some boosting measures that enhance and enliven your summer outlook for beauty that is well protected.


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